About Us

Welcome to Zong Chang Precision Machinery Co., LTD.

      Our company, Zong Chang Precision Machinery Co., LTD., has a business background of 13 years in Taiwan - The professional manufacturer produces the Clamping for CNC Wire Cut EDM, and our products include Double-sided Clamping Beam, Double-sided Clamping, Stainless Wire Cut Vise and Stainless Wire Cut Jig Holder.

      Our products are all made by raw-material, which is E.S.R grade and Forged, not with these two systems, De-waxing Casting and Centrifugal. Each product needs at least One year to manufacture with a serious quality control and therefore our products are extraordinary wearproof and strong with a high quality without the problems of Porosity. It has high density in forged steel plate and also has been processed via the V.O.D. (Vacuum Oxygen De-Carburization), so the carbide¡¦s distribution is homogeneous and internal stress will be reduced.

      Our products are all tested by the material:
1. Tensile strength „³
2800 N/mm²

2. Impact energy
20 Z/mm²

3. Compressive strength
3200 N/mm²

4. Hardness (HRC) „³
54°~ 56°

      The dimensional stability is the best and its wear and corrosion resistance are better than Precision casting products.
      Therefore we have a stabilized reputation in quality in the world.
      We will appreciate to have the opportunity of your interesting, wish you can visit our website ,www.zc.com.tw, and please do not hesitate of your opinion.